Negative Effects of Television on Children

Television plays a great role

Television plays a great role in the psychological development of children, having said that it has both Positive and Negative Effects of Television on Children as well!

You certainly do not want television to have much influence on your child’s life. As a conscious parent, you certainly have some queries about television like how many hours your child should watch TV, what type of TV shows will be good and bad effects of television for your child. We tried to answer some questions regarding the good and bad effects of television in this writing.


The infant to adolescence period of a human being is a time of vast mental, physical and emotional development. So, the American Academy of Pediatrics prescribes a maximum of two hours a day of educational, informative & nonviolent programs for youngsters. Your child will gain more skills and knowledge in a real and physical world rather than on a screen on a virtual world. Check Some Awesome child development skills list of Best Building Blocks.

Change your child’s television watching pattern

and try to follow below-mentioned tips:

1. No random channel surfing. When a selected show is over, just turn it off! That’s why some parents restrict child’s viewing to DVDs. SO, when the DVD is over, TV time is also finished.

2. Don’t keep the television turned on when you are not watching, the background sound of television interferes child’s learning process.

3. Eat together at family tables, do not feed your child in front of the TV and don’t allow it even if the child wants it. The family table is one of the best places for learning manners and conversational skills.

4. Try to schedule the child’s TV time every day at the same time, so your child gets used to the schedule and doesn’t want to watch TV every time he/she wants.

5. Watch television together so you can talk and narrate what the child is seeing. This explanation will help a child to understand more and gain more knowledge.

6. Never make Television your babysitter! Many parents make television as a babysitter when they are doing something and don’t want to be disturbed by their kids.

7. Confirm that your babysitters and other caregivers know about your child’s TV watching schedule.

Most importantly you, yourself do not watch TV for hours, if you watch TV for hours the child will also want to do the same.


Television for kids is helpful or harmful for his growth? This question is a subject of a big debate as it has both positive and negative impacts on kids.

Positive  Effects of Television on Children 

  1. Watching television for a maximum of 2 hours is good for kids because watching television the kids can view places, animals, or things that they couldn’t see otherwise.
  2. Television can inspire kids to learn and read through educational videos.
  3. Kids can know about different cultures around the world through television.
  4. Kids can be influenced and develop morality through watching quality educational videos on television.

Negative Effects of Television on Children

  1. Numerous examinations show that an excess of time in front of a screen can damage a youngster’s capacity to think fundamentally.
  2.  Failed to read human feelings.
  3. Can’t use their creative energy.


It would be pleasant if taking care of the screen time issue could be as straightforward as saying, “go play outside,” to your children, however in the event that they’ve built up an innovation reliance, it will require somewhat more push to ingrain new, sound propensities.

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