Gift Ideas For 1 Year Old Baby Boy

Children can play with these usual toys and pass an enjoyable time. If you do not want to spend much money on baby toys and do not find proper toys for your child get the best ideas from the list of best toys for 1 year old Boys or gift ideas for 1 year old baby boy.  

So we are going to recommend which are the most unique gifts for one year old. We will indicate the brands that are most prepared to provide a suitable game to their evolution. We are sure tomorrow you will be helpful to choose toys for 1 year old baby. in fact, it will play much more if you share a game with them, try it and tell me. These are the 10 best Gift Ideas For 1 Year Old Baby Boy that have seemed great value of demand.

1. OmbeeCube Brain Toys

Oombee Cube

The soft pieces of silicone are connected to the cube safely. You will not have to look for loose parts everywhere. Designed with vibrant colors and textured pieces to fit in the corresponding holes. It stimulates sensory learning shape recognition and tactile exploration. With the Oombee cube, your little one will have fun while learning to grab, explore, choose and discover their shapes, colors, and textures. It stimulates the development of fine motor skills, sensory knowledge, visual-spatial ability and tactile exploration all in one toy.


  •         Includes 6 geometric shapes of rubber with textures.
  •         Made with BPA-free silicone
  •         It is also made of super soft and safe silicone for your little one.
  •         It is soft for your baby’s teeth or gums and will not be lost since a rope holds them
  •         Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.8 x 4.8 inches
  •         Product weight: 1 pound

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2. Wimzle sensory baby toy

Fat Brain Toys Wimzle

A sensory adventure is important for your little baby life. This toy filled with spheres of bright colors and varied textures. The wimzle sensory authentic play is a perfect toy to stimulate the developing brain of your little explorer. It consists of a central sphere with small spheres connected in a solid and secure way. Its spheres have a rotating silicone ring, all of the different and striking colors, and at the same time stimulating textures for small hands.  the Wimzle sensory baby toy is/can be one of the best gifts to buy for the one year’s boy.


  •         It’s every ball build with an individual shape
  •         The spinning silicone ring placed at the middle of every ball
  •         The unique sensory toy has soft functions with 4 bars contain shake balls on every end
  •         It promotes creativity, motor skills, eye-hand coordination, sensory which are related to the senses.

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3. Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy


It is gentle and attractive floating octopus helps to develop hand coordination eyes and baby’s senses. It serves for the bathtub as for the pool and makes fun at baby bath time. The octopus also has holes like the ones before and the little ones have a suction cup. So it can be stuck in the bathtub. In addition, they also have a hole to fill them with water and empty the jet. 


  •         It helps the development of hand-eye coordination and early motivation
  •         Its colors and entertaining shape stimulate the baby’s senses
  •         It has 3 rings and good spirits ideal for bath time or pool
  •         BPA free
  •         Suitable from 12 months onwards

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4. Baby Einstein Bendy Ball Rattle Toy


With this ball, your baby will discover new textures. Inside it has a cascade of rattle balls.  It is soft, flexible plastic easy to grasp with horn and cascade of beads rattle. Sensory and motor play development is the way through which the child receives information about their environment colors, shapes, smells, tastes, sounds, and their own body. Based on this information, the child will be able to give answers adapted to the conditions of the environment or the environment. If you want to block types then magnet toys are good your baby also. 


  •         Eye-hand coordination: they will learn that hand dexterity is coordinated with what they see
  •         It develops the senses and motor skills with multiple brilliant colors
  •         You will understand that when you press, it has an effect, which is very reachable for little fingers to tighten and bend

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5. Elephant Plush Cushion Toy Doll Toy for Kids


It is a very funny elephant cheek light up and he moves to the rhythm of the music. Your baby will have fun with this adorable stuffed animal. With this Cushion Toy, your baby will introduce with colors, shapes, and numbers. Press the different buttons to listen to numbers, shapes, colors, sounds, and melodies.


  •         Based on this information, the child will be able to give answers adapted to the conditions of the environment.
  •         Comprehension Cause-Effect: Child will understand that when they press, it has some effects as a cushion, toy, a teddy bear, and a cushion.
  •         Affectivity: they will learn to manage their feelings
  •         It facilitates verbal communication
  •         Dimensions: 14.5 x 10.5 x 4.5 inches
  •         Weight: 1.75 pounds

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6. Laugh and learn magical musical mirror

Laugh and learn magical musical mirror

A musical mirror with music and learning modes has more fun activities and light effects. It has a fun song and if you stretch, the rattle will sound funny animal sounds, phrases, tunes, and songs. Drag the ring rattle to listen to relaxing sounds or animals. If you press the button different songs are heard, the ears creak. With this toy, the baby will be able to discover colors textures, greetings and more.


  •         It is available with cheerful melodies, light effects, learning, and music modes.
  •         Night mode: with lighting effects and relaxing sounds
  •         You can install easily in the crib
  •         It enhances their creativity and ideas

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7. Baby Minnie Musical Train

Baby Minnie Musical Train

A colorful train designed for the little ones to enter the world of fun at full speed. A little train and an activity center with many buttons and mechanical activities. That will help the children to learn their first letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. In addition, the headlight is turned on with an LED light, along with the sounds of the train. The movement of the train produces many different sounds, music and children’s songs.


  •         This entertaining towable train presents children hours of play continuously with lots of automatic activities.
  •         The moving parts, gears, and rollers particularly planned to support the progress of children’s manual skills.
  •         Dimensions 30.4 x 24.5 x 5.9 cm
  •         Weight    1.14 Kg
  •         Material:  Multi-color plastic

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8. VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads

VTech-Baby-Lil' Critters-Moosical-Beads

Cuckoo light is a sweet doll with soothing melodies, songs and sounds of nature. That sound while its soft nightlight is turned on and off to help the baby fall asleep. It includes a timer to listen to the tender music of Cuckoo up to 30 minutes without interruption, the regulator of light intensity and volume control.


  •         It contains more than 70 songs, melodies, sounds and voices
  •         Its surface is handed washable by removing the removable module from inside the toy.
  •         Dimensions: 20 x 11.5 x 28 cm
  •         Weight: 522 gram

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9. Child of Carter Mines Musical puppy dog

Carter's Child of Mine Musical

When you move and play with Handle, you will learn the first numbers and some colors. It has a soft fish-shaped biter and colorful stars like beads to add fun to the game. It includes 3 buttons, a heart that lights up to the rhythm of the music and 12 melodies and 4 songs.


  •         It is excellent huggable and soft.
  •         You can its wash outside only
  •         Dimensions of the package: 11.1 x 6.5 x 3.8 inches
  •         Product weight: 204 grams

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10. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


VTech offers all the fun with VTech Learning Walker and features a removable toy station, lights, and sounds. It encourages the baby to explore with his feet in the walker while playing with the electronic toy station. The baby will find many activities with the theme of Learning Walker in the removable toy station. That is excellent for playing on the floor and carries everywhere. The fun can last even longer by adjusting the frame of the walker in three different positions to keep the child’s fingers at the perfect height.


  •         This walker offers complete entertainment through the beaded bra, spinning Gears filled with colorful beads, a steering wheel that activates lights, music, and sounds.
  •         The track teaching colors, music, Piano keys panel animals allow adding more favorite toys of the baby.
  •         The high seat backrest provides support and comfort for the baby.
  •         The design of this walker allows it to be folded stored and transported easily.
  •         The walker can clean easily if a cloth is passed where necessary and the seat cushion is placed in the washing machine.
  •         Dimensions: 16.5 x 14.2 x 18.1 inches
  •         Weight: 6 pounds

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The stage of 1 year of the baby boy is full of new challenges, curiosity, and exploration of the environment, being aware of his body and little by little of his own movements. It is time to offer him toys to develop his gross and fine motor skills. We have discussed Inspiration and ideas among these toys, divided by the typology of child’s abilities. The time of the beginning year of the first steps of the children is magical. Everything is absolutely interesting, creative, stimulating and novel for them. For this reason, these toys are appropriate for your baby development moment. So Let’s pick a toy from our Gift Ideas For 1 Year Old Baby Boy.

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