At young ages children are fascinated by the magnetic polarity, to them magnets are both fun and mystical. When toddlers are developing a structure, they’re learning to follow directions and visualize abstract concepts.

Scientific studies already proved to play with building blocks enhance their mental growth and creativity.

coolest magnet toys

Also, toddlers love to play with building blocks and when the blocks are magnetic, that becomes their favorite toy! The sets could be the first step for the future engineers, those who will build skyscrapers and mighty bridges! We have come with the list of Coolest Magnet Toys For Toddlers, which youngsters would love to play with.

best magnetic blocks

The magnetic blocks are made up of plastic material and they are 3D in nature. The blocks snap to each other by little and strong magnets situated on the edges of the blocks. Like other Educational Toy Blocks, playing is as easy as putting two pieces close to each other.

You simply need to ensure the sizes fit and they’ll be stick together. That makes it simple for 3+ year olds to manufacture basic stuff, however a bit tricky to make major development like the Eiffel Tower or the Golden Gate Bridge.

Are your kids are a big fan of magnetic blocks?

Then this would be an awesome set for your kid’s collection. You and your kids can have awesome fun time playing with Vcanny Magnetic Blocks. The blocks come in simple shapes and numerous structures can be built with it. It is an amazing set for your kid’s brain development and it enhances creativity.

【Learning by Playing】With power magnetic tiles and vibrant rainbow colors, the building blocks can be combined into many patterns, such as house, cat, fish, plane, train and more. It’s a great building toy that can help your child to encourage creativity, brain development, and critical thinking. 
【118 Pieces Magnetic Building Set】The set comes with 118 pieces making it a great set for building exciting constructions. Including 32 squares, 26 triangles, 6 long triangles, 4 diamonds, 2 trapezoid, 2 small rectangles, 2 semicircles, 2 hexagons, 26 letter cards, 16 digital cards, 2 car wheels, 1 Ferris wheel, 1 storage pouch, 1 instruction booklet. 

magnetic toys toddlers

【Safe and Durable】Made of non-toxic and durable ABS plastic, the magnet toys meet American toy safety standards. 
【Easy Clean Up】This magnetic building set comes with a storage pouch, easy to put all the pieces back after playing, portable to take it everywhere. 
【Fits for Children above 3 Year-Old】The blocks inspire imagination and an interest in science, engineering, and design in children. Best Educational stacking kits for your boys and girls. It is a perfect educational present for youngsters that will never go out of style. With our instruction booklet, your child can easily start building the basic forms.
More constructions are up to your imagination to build! The set is both educational and entertaining. It inspires kids’ skills of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Another great feature is these Vcanny Magnetic Blocks are compatible with other similar-size magnetic tiles!
So, hurry up and place your order today!

Cool magnetic toys for adults – Educational Magnetic Tiles

Coolest Magnet Toys For Toddlers


This magnetic set is built by choosing strong natural permanent magnet which can maintain its magnetic polarity for longer hours. Toddlers love playing with magnetic blocks as they are amazed by it. This set opens up their thinking ability and enhances creativity while gaining a great sense of colors and shapes. It also develops hand-eye coordination and develops motor skills. The set comes with 109 Pieces Magnetic Tiles. Including 55*Triangle, 40*Square, 6*Large Triangle, 2*Diamond 2*Trapezoid, 2*Pentagon, 2*Hexagon, 1*Storage Bag for easy portability and 1*Booklet with instructions for your convenience.


This set is made of Non-Toxic and durable ABS plastic, food grade material. The edges are roundly shaped so no sharpness to get hurt by it. 2 different type of colors are used on each side the tile, which will develop youngsters color sense. It develops the problem-solving ability, building, and design ability. The set comes with 1-Year Warranty & 90-Day money-back guarantee without reason.

What we like about it:cool magnetic toys for adults

The set is both educational and entertaining, kids would surely love to play with it. Strong magnets are used and high-quality materials are used which ensure great durability. The tiles are compatible with other similar-size magnetic tiles, to build skyscrapers and great construction. Every tile are of two colors which looks very colorful! The set concludes with a storage box so you can keep them all in 1 place and for easy portability.

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Magnetic construction toys

Summary:- Coolest-Magnet-Toys-For-Toddlers

This Amperer magnetic 166+81 pieces construction blocks & preschool educational toys which enhances creativity while building various formations with it. Magnetic Blocks are very colorful and simpler design has been used. It will be a good addition for your kid’s playroom. This educational toy is very useful it helps your kids to develop logical thinking, problem-solving ability and to take proper decision. More Problem-solving toys here.

Amperer magnetic is 3 different sets with 3 different price range.  This model is 166+81 pieces so kids can make a various structure, car wheel, alphabet train, house plane, long triangle, letter cards. These pieces are safe and use a strong magnet so they can easily attach. The toy includes 26 plastic letter cards, 2 pentagons, 20 squares, 22 equilateral triangles, 4 long triangles and many more. The set also got 2 wheels by which the youngsters can build cars and alphabet train. It also has a storage so you can keep it in one place and its very portable as well.

Benefits:Coolest Magnet Toys For Toddlers

These Amperer magnetic building blocks are for 3-12 years children. It helps your kids to have a better idea of colors, geometric shapes,2D & 3D shapes. These magnetic Kits set which comes in a beautiful variety of magnetic tiles colors that appeal to boys and girls of all ages.


  1. Kids can have hours of fun time with 166+ Amperer magnetic building blocks.
  2. Kid’s motor skills, mathematical skills, eye coordination will be improved.
  3. Different thinking skill, thinking and problem-solving ability, building and design ability and would be upgraded.
  4. Made from non-toxic, high quality imported PC material conform to CE, EN74 & ASTM.


Younger kids below 3 years can swallow this, adult supervision recommended.

What we like about it:

We personally prefer this because kids who play with this blocks can perform better on divergent problems. Also, it comes with a 1-year warranty & 100%  Money-Back Guarantee without reason. So what are you waiting for go and grab them for your kids better future.

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Playmags 100 piece – Enhance your Creativity

Summary :

playmags 100 piece

Kids love playing blocks and when the blocks are magnetic then the fun is even more! PLaymags has taken this observation and creates amazing magnetic building
blocks which would make the wooden blocks obsolete. The blocks are made of strong magnets and can be connected to build different buildings and 3D
structures. This set includes 100 pieces to give sufficient blocks for your kids to make wonderful castles, towers, and structures. The blocks of this set are of
different geometrical structures that would make a perfect blend for your youngster’s imagination and blocks to make amazing structures. There are 18 pieces that
function as openings which can be used for doors and windows in the towers and castles. Let your kids give formation of their imagination through this set.

Benefits :
This is a perfect set that develops children’s hand-eye coordination and it also improves shape recognition, problem-solving and motor skills.

Pros :

Various Structures can be built with it.
Strong magnets are used to ensure maximum structural strength
Windows and doors pieces are included, which adds more fun.
Perfect set for playing with groups.
Colorful set which includes a storage bag
The set also includes an idea booklet for convenience.

playmags 100 piece super set

Cons : 

The blocks are of smaller pieces.

What we like about it :

To play with this set it requires a bit critical thinking to make sure the pieces are stacked together perfectly for a strong structure. It will enhance logical
thinking and will develop give kids interest in science and architecture.

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